Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a powerful energy healing session that provides feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being that promote healing.  This vital spiritual energy activates the natural healing processes, detoxifying the body of both physical and emotional blockages while bringing about calmness and deep relaxation.  Reiki works by increasing the “life force energy” that flows through us and around us and causes us to be alive. This life force energy can be found flowing through our meridians. The life force is responsive to our thoughts or feelings, and can become disrupted and diminished by negative thoughts or feelings, especially about ourselves.  Self-love is of the upmost importance. If this energy is low, we are at greater risk of becoming sick or stressed. If our life force energy is high, we are more likely to be balanced, healthy and happy.

The purpose of Reiki is to treat the whole person including mind, body, spirit, and emotions by detecting if the chakra system of a client is imbalanced or even blocked. By unblocking the stagnant energy the chakras to begin to flow properly again, providing a positive boost of “ki,” or the body's natural energy field that vibrate at different levels in and around the body, that causes negative energy to dissipate and fall away. Our practitioners do this through first creating a healing space with soft music, candles, and aromatherapy allowing you to feel the wonderful, glowing, radiant energy that flows through and around you during a Reiki session. This environment will allow you to feel relaxed, secure and to be able to fully embrace your own wellbeing. 

Reiki can be very beneficial to improve and aid in the effectiveness of other types of therapies. Reiki has been described as both powerful yet gentle, and has been used throughout history to aid with illness and injuries like:

Reiki is an excellent technique to use on children with physical issues or behavioral issues as well due to its gentle non-touching techniques.  This healing technique can help children  feel a sensation of relaxation, balance, and enlightenment at each session.

Reiki for Children ids in benefits like:

Prior to or upon arrival, for first time clients, you will be asked to complete a lengthy intake and consent form to allow your Reiki practitioner to assess and discuss your personal needs and expectations. A brief overview of Reiki may be provided, and an explanation of how the session will proceed so you can feel comfortable about what to expect throughout your appointment. A Reiki treatment is administered while the client is lying fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table. Warming blankets and pillows are available upon request. During a treatment, the practitioner’s hands may lightly touch, or hover slightly above the client to allow the Reiki energy to flow into the physical and subtle body of the client. 

A Reiki session is about 20-45 minutes. After your session your practitioner will review with the session with you, give you aftercare instructions, and follow up days after allowing you to feel supported throughout the process. Please allow approximately 1 hour for the entire experience, plus an additional 15 minutes for healthcare updates. 

For onsite Reiki appointments, travel fees will apply (cost depends on distance and number of practitioners). Corporate discounts are available. 

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