Our Mission

Ravenwolfe is an organization that seeks to revive Holistic Medicine and care as a philosophy, not just a trend. Holistic Medicine is a doctrine of preventive & therapeutic medicine that emphasizes a client-focused practice, where our clients & patients are a whole person, not an isolated problem, function, or organ through the use of multiple practices and therapies. At Ravenwolfe strive to serve our community by making this high-quality health care affordable to anyone with a need—regardless of their ability to pay. Our mission is to make a notable impact on individuals, families, and our community.

Our Vision

By making holistic health care services available to those that need it, regardless of their ability to pay,  we are able to help people gain the tools to make changes in order to heal from within creating a long-lasting impact on our community.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a powerful energy healing session that provides feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being that promote healing.  This vital spiritual energy activates the natural healing processes, can aid in detoxifying the body of both physical and emotional blockages while bringing about calmness and deep relaxation.  Reiki works by increasing the “life force energy” that flows through us and around us and causes us to be alive through our meridians. The life force is responsive to our thoughts or feelings, and can become disrupted and diminished by negative thoughts or feelings, especially about ourselves.  Self-love is of the upmost importance. If this energy is low, we are at greater risk of becoming sick or stressed. If our life force energy is high, we are more likely to be balanced, healthy and happy.

Mental Health Sessions

Ravenwolfe Health & Wellness Clinic life coaching and counsel fees range from $100 to $275 per session; depending upon the practitioner, experience, and services offered. 

Massage Therapy

Have the gift of total relaxation to your location is now achievable these days without the need to go into an establishment. Our Massage therapists are currently taking massages on the road with our Mobile Massage. Mobile Massage Therapy is the best option for total relaxation at home or at the office, perfect for that hard working assistant! We are the best possible way for you to relax and enjoy a full body massage free of the stress of having to fight traffic and find the location. Book today!

Soul Charting Sessions

Each person's life purpose is defined by the contract we make with the divine and with others before coming to this life. These arrangements allow us to connect with the people we need in our lives and to reach goals that will elevate us to our highest potential and enable us to fulfill our purpose. This spiritual connection allows those that come into their lives to build stronger bonds, and help each other navigate through this life. In many cases there are elements that we are to learn from this life, and thus there are shadow work elements that must be explored and worked on. In our Soul Charting Sessions our practitioner will map out your chart, your birth chart and then go over this analysis with you including shadow work that you should be working on that will benefit you the greatest. This process is broken up into 5 parts, finishing with a free hour of shadow work counseling to help give you the best tools to succeed.  This service is $222. 

Groups And Workshops

Ravenwolfe offers training classes, therapy groups, and life coaching workshops for traditional, spiritual and alternative lifestyles. Additionally, we often provide speakers to engage the community in discussions on significant topics in personal and professional topics, we often extend these programs at a reduced cost or free of charge.

Ravenwolfe offers reiki sessions, herbal bath blends, essential oil blends and classes on herbs and how they can assist you in optimum holistic health. Additionally, we often provide these classes at a reduced cost or free of charge.

Our Dreams

Some of our practitioners do have a waitlist, as it is not uncommon for our practitioners to willingly provide services pro bono in cases of dire need. The theology at Ravenwolfe Health & Wellness is healthcare first, monetary reimbursement second. In order to allow for everyone to receive services, our clinic offers sliding scale payment plans for those needing further financial assistance

Within the next two years, one of Ravenwolfe’s greatest goals is purchase a new building. This will reduce our overhead, freeing up scholarship and administrative dollars. The increased operating funds will allow us to hire more counselors as well as expand our mentorship program.

The building purchase will allow us to increase our mental health capabilities, provide additional counseling rooms, and provide a larger training facility for currently unrealized potential.

Additionally, the new facility will provide Ravenwolfe with the capability to host large mental health groups and seminars for the purpose of preventing and treating physical, mental health, spiritual health struggles, and business connection issues. This new growth we will be experiencing will facilitate Ravenwolfe in making a systemic impact on our community at an exponential rate, and we want you to be a part of our growth and journey. Please reach out to us at info@ravenwolfe.org today and find out how you can help through donations and have your family memorialized on our "Family Foundation" wall.