Dr. Amanda, PhD, CSC, CLC

Spiritual Psychologist

Life Coach 

Dr. Amanda joined Ravenwolfe Health and Wellness in 2020, where she continues her private practice, leading workshops/classes, speaking events, and group sessions. Showing passion, love, and enthusiasm for all her clients to be the best version of themselves starting from within. With a passion for holistic health, Dr. Amanda helps bridge the gap between mental health and spiritual health allowing her patients to find true balance and healing. 

As an ordained minister, Dr. Amanda is also able to sit with couples preparing for marriage and fulfill ordination requests.  Dr. Amanda has a great passion for relationships and is known for her support and help for couples and polyamorous families. Dr. Amanda helps couples and polyamory groups learn how to develop limitations, engage in healthy strong communication, and encourage growth between all members in a polycule.

Dr. Amanda graduated with her doctorate in analytical psychology, often referred to as spiritual psychology, in 2023. In order to help her clients, Dr. Amanda is furthering her undergraduate degree in clinical psychology with a focus on diagnostic work. Dr. Amanda feels that early detection through proper diagnosis is critical in order to help her neurodivergent clients get accommodations in school, and the workplace that will help them to lead more fulfilled lives. Some areas of specialization are:

Email: amanda@ravenwolfe.org

Phone: 817.381.8181

Available by appointments only. Currently Dr. Amanda is not taking new patients. 

Letter From Dr. Amanda:

 Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my practice, the first step is the hardest and you are making it right now as you read these words. Therapy in any modality is based on an equitable relationship between a client and a coach/counselor. I believe it is client-driven and its success is exclusively dependent upon your commitment to change and work to learn how to use new tools, new resources, and fine skills you already have.

 Connecting with a client who desires a change in their personal or professional life I want to help you create opportunities and goals that are forward-focused, solution-based, and supported by self-discovery, motivation, and accountability. I know life can be frustrating and challenging, but I am here to support and motivate you to find the best version of yourself. Through struggles with careers, lack of motivation, relationships, life skills, feeling stuck, anxiety, or simply self-care concerns I want to help you find ways to lead a fuller, and more meaningful life! Let's transform together and help you feel calmer and find your passion!

This practitioner is operating under this business and on this website in their capacity as a life coach; not as a therapist, and you understand and agree that you do not have any expectation that they will provide you with any counseling or advice in the capacity as a APA licensed therapist. While information and content on this website may stem from information gained due to a practitioners academics in psychology, nothing herein is to be taken as advice from a APA licensed therapist, nor should it replace a personalized session with your own  APA licensed therapist or counselor.