Veronica, B.Sc

Life Coach 

Veronica is a full-time Psychology student designated under a degree specialization of Human Sexuality with a passion for helping others and inspiring them to be sexually competent and confident. While working in multiple sex-oriented businesses, she found that talking through issues ranging from unexplored sexuality to coping with sexual violence to kink with her customers sparked a passion. Veronica works with clients who have issues with self love or intimacy and has a mission to embrace all walks of life and celebrate sexuality so her clients can de-shame, reclaim, and express themselves in a way that allows their experiences to be safe and pleasurable. Veronica's passion, patience, and uplifting sweet hearted demeanor make her a great practitioner to work with, and really help to make topics comfortable and light hearted. 

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Veronica loves helping the community with issues relating to self empowerment and education of LGBTIAQIA+needs. Veronica loves working with clients one-on-one to overcome and face emotional wounds or anxieties. With a passion for the metaphysical and holistic, Veronica hopes to bridge the gap between Traditional Psychology, modern Sex Coaching, and holistic methods such as Tantra to work through clients’ issues as to cover every angle of sexual health and wellness. Veronica joined Ravenwolfe in 2022, and specializes in services such as: 

-Recovery and long term care for sexual assault victims

-Treatment of diagnosed/proposed "problematic/harmful" sexual behaviors

-Women's Care & education

-Post Natal Intimacy and empowerment

-Couples intimacy

-Polyamory/ethical non-monogamy

-Alternative relationships and lifestyles

-BDSM dynamics

-All spectrum of sexuality preferences

-Sex workers

-Tantric breathing

-Understanding pleasure

-Education and proper care of intimacy products, cleaners, etc.

-LGBTQIA+ education, self awareness/identity, sexuality awareness, integration 

-Trans affirming therapies

-Body dysmorphia

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Phone: 817.381.8181

Available by appointments only. Appointments are held via telehealth due to COVID. 

Letter From Veronica:

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my sex and intimacy coaching practice! I have a passion for helping clients find and love their most authentic sexual selves and would love to help you! Beginning treatment of any kind is difficult, especially when it centers around a topic widely-considered taboo, but with commitment and openness, I believe anyone can rewrite their narrative surrounding sexuality and the self. Though life has plenty of hurdles like relationship issues, self-worth doubts, or relationship and sexual trauma and the world puts us through even more strife with repressing innate sexuality and the lack of education but together we can work through these and more so you can feel satisfied and celebrate yourself as a whole and worthy person! 

This practitioner is operating under this business and on this website in their capacity as a life coach; not as a therapist, and you understand and agree that you do not have any expectation that they will provide you with any counseling or advice in the capacity as a APA licensed therapist. While information and content on this website may stem from information gained due to a practitioners academics in psychology, nothing herein is to be taken as advice from a APA licensed therapist, nor should it replace a personalized session with your own  APA licensed therapist or counselor.